Frequently Asked  Questions

What is Avis Local?

Avis Local provides an automated service that allows you to easily generate review requests from satisfied customer that simplify the local SEO of your business. Your customers write a rating and appreciation of your business through a request for review automatically sent via our platform. We also offer the review monitoring service. We take the time to read and answer every review left by your customers for you. In the case of a negative review, we begin the procedure that has been established in advance with your company.

What is the first step if Avis Local interests me?

You must complete the form found in the subscribe section. .  Afterwards, a member of the Avis Local team will contact you to open your account.

Why is Avis Local good for my business?

If you’re looking for new customers, you want more visibility on the Internet: Avis Local is the answer. It will propel you to the top of Google’s search results. With only a review request sent to your satisfied customers, this simple review acts like a real advertisement for your company. Recent studies show that a large majority of consumers are greatly influenced by the reviews in their purchasing process.

How to increase the number of reviews on my Google listing?

It’s easy for you or your employees to target your satisfied customers after their purchase process. You can then, via Avis Local, send them a request for a review that they will receive immediately, either by SMS or email and can write their review in front of you. Easy!

How can a review increase my VISIBILITY on the Internet?

Since the arrival of Google listings, consumer reviews are much more visible than before and have a real impact on the ranking of companies in search results. Reviews send a strong signal of trust to Google. Currently your listing may appear locally in the results but with the daily use of Avis Local, your listing will now be reflected in the search results at the regional level.

How can a review increase my REPUTATON on the Internet?

According to a survey of consumer behavior, advertising has no impact on purchasing decisions, while comments made on the Internet by other consumers about goods and services have a large influence. When you look for a new restaurant, for example, what is your first reflex?

How to send my review request to my customers?

With Avis Local installed on your phones, tablets or computer, you and your team will only have to enter the email or SMS and automatically the review request is sent to your customer.

What is a negative review watch?

In order to improve the credibility of your business, we first thank the customer for taking the time to write their review, even if it is negative. Avis Local therefore responds courteously and with understanding. Tell yourself that a client who feels listened and understood will in principle be much more malleable. Avis Local undertakes to communicate to you any negative review so that you can take charge of it in order to control the situation and ultimately ask the customer to retract.
In the case of a customer’s comments that are defamatory, abusive, off-topic, in conflict of interest, inciting hatred or violence, Avis Local will report it to Google so that it may be removed.
With this action, people who read the reviews see that you take into consideration the comments of your customers.

Can I remove a negative review on my Google listing?

Only the person who wrote the comment can delete it. If the content of the review is defamatory, abusive, off-topic, in conflict of interest, inciting hatred or violence and you have subscribed to our Avis Local watch service, we will automatically notify Google and they will be able to remove it definitively.

How do I update my Google listing for my business?

With the Avis Local membership, the update will be done by the Avis Local team. We will analyze all the information and make the changes in order to optimize your listing so that it gets as much visibility as possible.

Can I cancel my subscription when I want?

You can cancel at any time according to the terms of your contract.


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