Service Agreement

The web services agreement is for a period of 12 months renewable according to the terms and conditions listed below.

The first monthly payment is at the signing of this contract and consecutively on the same day of each of the following months throughout its initial term and its renewals if applicable. The customer agrees to pay the fees payable under this contract upon receipt of the Avis Local invoice. Interest at the rate of two percent (2%) per month compounded monthly applies to any amount remaining unpaid one month after receipt of the invoice.

The optimization plan includes the creation and / or optimization of a Google My Business page. If the customer already has a Google My Business, the latter must designate Avis Local as Administrator for the purposes of this agreement. Updates to the Google My Business are included during the ninety (90) days following the support of Google Google My Businessby Avis Local.

The self-managed plan includes: optimization + for a point of sale or a Google My Business, the use by an unlimited number of users of our platform for generating reviews. The usage is not restricted as to the number of requests sent.

The evolution plan includes: self-managed + the complete support by Avis Local to respond your reviews. Avis Local will respond manually within 120 minutes during regular office hours, Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. The Evolution plan is flexible in order to adjust to the number of reviews processed by Avis Local. When the threshold of 100 annual reviews is reached during the period of this contract, your plan will automatically move to the next level according to the agreed terms and charter below:

Level # 1 100 annual reviews
Level # 2 250 annual reviews
Level # 3 500 annual reviews
Level # 4 1000 annual reviews

The customer undertakes to provide all required and necessary information to Avis Local to enable it to perform its services properly.

The contract is for a period of twelve (12) months. This Agreement is automatically renewed for subsequent periods of 12 months each unless one party gives the other written notice or email notice of non-renewal at least three (3) months prior to the end of the initial term or any renewal period. The customer may terminate this contract at any time. The customer will pay Avis Local fifty percent (50%) of the applicable monthly payments for each month remaining at the end of this contract. In the event of non-renewal or termination, it is understood that the customer will lose all access to the Avis Local platform, which remains the exclusive property of Avis Local.

Updates to the Google listing are included during the first ninety (90) days of the Google listing. Once this term is past, the rate of seventy-five (75) dollars an hour becomes effective.

The customer acknowledges that, for the purpose of promoting its services, Avis Local may disclose data, including statistics, performance estimates and other types of information, illustrating the results achieved by certain Avis Local customers. Avis Local declares that this data is accurate to the best of its knowledge and that it has been obtained from reliable and independent sources. The customer also acknowledges that this data is provided for informational purposes only, therefore the results obtained by the customer may differ. The customer acknowledges that the Avis Local service is only a tool that improves the customer’s reputation and visibility, which results mainly from the quality of the services rendered by the latter.

The customer undertakes to exonerate Avis Local of all liability against any damages or recourse resulting directly or indirectly from the execution of this contract by Avis Local.

The customer guarantees that he is authorized to put his Google listing online. The customer also guarantees that he holds all permits or licenses which may be advertised, including any license to practice issued by any professional or other regulatory body exercising its jurisdiction over the customer’s activities. The customer guarantees that he has all the rights to use the trademarks or trade names contained in his Google listing and that such use does not violate any law, including the Trademarks Act, the Copyright Act and other intellectual property laws.

Avis Local may assign this Agreement or any of its obligations and any payment due thereunder to a third party without prior written consent.


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